Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Garage Makeover | Mason, OH

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We recently completed a garage in Mason, Ohio that I wanted to share. Their floor had previously been coated by a local professional floor coating company (not sure who, since it wasn't our guys over at ASE Floors), but it looked and felt like a similar product. In case you didn't know, our guys use commercial grade coating products that are made to last and are extremely durable. If you're considering coating your floor, please do some research (or shoot us an email) and save yourself some headaches down the road. We've seen some real issues come up with garage floors that are expensive to repair after consumer grade product failed. Either because it wasn't installed properly or the product itself just wasn't worth the time, effort, or money.

Starting the project we had a brown/tan colored floor with white walls, overall a great canvas which made color choices relatively easy. The homowners chose to go with bright blue walls, our standard white cabinets with the upgraded extruded handles, white slatwall, and gray trim on the cabinets and slatwall. I'm not sure why white slatwall isn't more popular because it looks so clean and contemporary, but gray or tan are the more popular colors with most of our clients. They also chose to add a few extras in their cabinet system. Jeff built ball storage into the bottom of one of the large cabinets, a set of drawers (with his divider system in each of the drawers), and finally capped the system with some gray top caps and baseboard. A nice, clean, contemporary look.

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~Shannon Hickcox