Thursday, January 22, 2015

Garage Fitness & Storage

We're coming close to the end of January and hoping everyone is keeping their New Year's Resolutions intact. Sometimes time restrictions or family obligations stop us from getting to the gym...after we've committed to squeezing a workout in.  That's why you should have a back up plan. 

Even if you have space restrictions (as most of us do), or maybe you don't want a gym membership because it's not convenient, or maybe you just prefer to workout in the comfort of your own home. Whatever the case, you should be able to get a good workout in at home and still keep your house looking organized with just a few pieces of equipment and some minor storage adjustments. Just having equipment at home and easily accessible will make getting a workout in anytime that much easier.

I've dug up some fun storage ideas and put some pictures together to at least get some ideas flowing. We'd love to turn a portion of your home into a fun and functional fitness space! If you'd like us to come out and check out your space to get a plan together for you, just give me a call 859.240.2714 or send an email 

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