Monday, March 31, 2014

Garage Storage | Northern Kentucky

As much as I love the cabinets, flooring, and stainless steel wall guard, I really wanted to show everyone this restored vintage Holiday Inn sign. Our client used to work for one of the biggest hotel chains in the USA and spent years looking for a this sign. They were all supposed to have been destroyed, but someone found one that was buried half underground in Elizabethtown, KY. He had it restored and decided to have his garage turned into a Man Cave around the same time. What better place to show off your cool collectibles than a newly renovated garage & man cave?!?  There's also a wall of white garage cabinets with a work bench on  the left wall designed around the garage door and refrigerator. I just wish I had snapped a few pictures of it while I was there, but unfortunately we were tight on time since were just there to install that stainless steel wall guard in the back and move on to our next stop. I'll get it next week when we go back to install more stainless.

~Shannon Hickcox

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