Monday, March 24, 2014

Grocery Bag Storage | Cincinnati, OH

We're putting together a garage plan for a client this week and came across a very typical, ordinary, everyday item that needs to be stored so that it's easily accessible and tidy....the plastic grocery bag collection! It's a small thing, but something that seems to always be in the way and causes chaos when it gets out of control. So, the question of the day over here at The Garage Guy is what do you do with all of your plastic grocery bags? You try to do the responsible thing and recycle them or reuse them, but you don't want let grocery bag chaos take over. So, what's an organized house to do? I did what I love to do...research (ie. playing on & Google images) and found a few of my favorites that I thought I'd share.

#1 The wall mount system & my personal favorite
I just ordered one for our house and am planning on having Jeff customize it so that it fits on our slatwall. Not much to do here except hang it in an easily accessible spot. They have bigger units and units that will tuck into a cabinet or pantry.
Simplehuman's wall mount grocery bag dispenser

#2 The Drawer system
This is nice if you have the extra space in a reasonably shallow drawer, otherwise I feel like it might be wasted space. I love the idea of having them tucked in a manageable space in a clean and organized fashion. They have other bags tucked in there as well. Not to mention, tissue boxes are pretty inexpensive and durable as well. Wonder if these could be mounted on a wall?? Hmmm...
Better Homes & Garden's DIY Drawer idea

#3 The counter top, pantry, or cabinet
  This one I found on These are adorable...especially if you like crafting because you can really paint it whatever color you'd like. I believe they're just spray painted coffee cans with X's cut into the lids to dispense from. Unfortunately, when I tried click the photo to get the original source to get directions and give credit, I'm getting an error message with a suspicious link note. I'd love to give credit to whoever made the dispensers and took the photo if anyone sees this and knows.  

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